The content on this page is collected as resources a pilot seeking training or a career aviation path might find useful. It is not an all-inclusive list of all potential sites and resources, but hopefully, you will find the content here generally useful for your efforts.

FAA Resources

FAA Airman Testing Website –

The FAA provides a range of resources for pilot trainees, including training guides, practical and certification standards, and computer testing supplements. Trainees can access the FAA Academy for technical and international training, and utilize tools like the Airman Certificate Testing Service. The site also offers sample knowledge tests, oral and practical testing resources, and links to find FAA examiners. Additional support includes FAQs, statistical reports, and guidance documents to assist with preparation and certification.

Subscribe to FAA News

At this site you can subscribe to updates from the FAA on training related materials and much more that the FAA puts out. This allows you to not miss critical information put out by the FAA.

FAA Airman Certification Standards

The FAA’s Airman Certification Standards (ACS) are comprehensive standards for pilot certification. Resources available include detailed ACS documents for various pilot certificates and ratings, which outline the knowledge and skills required for certification. The site offers FAQs, briefing materials, and an information brochure to help candidates understand the standards. Additionally, there are guides for evaluators and companion guides for specific pilot and mechanic certifications. These resources are designed to ensure that pilots are well-prepared for both the theoretical and practical aspects of their certification exams.

FAA Handbooks & Manuals

The FAA provides various handbooks and manuals essential for pilot training. These resources cover aircraft operations, aviation, and guidance for examiners and inspectors. Key documents include the “Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge,” “Airplane Flying Handbook,” and the “Instrument Procedures Handbook.” These materials offer comprehensive information on aerodynamics, flight maneuvers, and instrument navigation, helping trainees understand the theoretical and practical aspects of aviation.

FAA Safety Program offers a wealth of resources for pilot training, focusing on aviation safety. It includes online courses, seminars, and webinars under the WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program, which enhances pilot skills and knowledge. The site provides accident analysis, safety briefings, and maintenance tips. Pilots can earn credits towards their certifications and stay updated with the latest safety protocols. Additionally, there are tools for finding local FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) representatives and industry partners dedicated to promoting safety.

FAA Aviation Weather Center

The Aviation Weather Center provides essential weather resources for pilots, including real-time observations, forecasts, and alerts. Key tools include METARs, TAFs, PIREPs, and SIGMETs for monitoring weather conditions. The site offers graphical forecasts, radar and satellite imagery, turbulence, icing, and convection charts. Pilots can access interactive maps and decision-support imagery to enhance situational awareness. The website also features educational resources and links to additional aviation weather services.

Association Resources

AOPA Aviation College and University Directory

The AOPA website offers an extensive directory of aviation colleges and universities for pilot training. Resources include information on various programs, degree offerings, and specialized training opportunities. The site also provides guidance on choosing the right school, financing education, and understanding career prospects in aviation. Additionally, it highlights AOPA’s support services, such as scholarships and membership benefits, to assist aspiring pilots throughout their educational journey.

AOPA Air Safety Institute

The AOPA’s Air Safety Institute offers a wide range of resources for pilot training and safety enhancement. These include interactive online courses, videos, quizzes, webinars, and podcasts covering critical safety topics. Specific programs like the Focused Flight Review and VFR into IMC: Avoidance and Escape provide targeted training. The Institute also offers publications, accident analysis, safety spotlights, and training tips. Additional resources include the Collision Avoidance and Backcountry Resource Centers, and programs like the Online Flight Instructor Refresher Course (eFIRC).

Selecting a Flight School

An article by the Flight School Association of North America [FSANA], the article discusses things a pilot candidate might consider when evaluating flight school options.

They also offer a “Flight school visitation checklist” that helps a person seeking training ask questions about the training provider that might help them make decisions.

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